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Mongo only pawn in game of life.

Scrambles the Death Dealer
11 September 1987
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"that one thing", "you're pretty good", absolute dickery apocalypse, all my patriots, and also gackt was there, angry balding men, atlantis cookies, awkward buttsex, banana stickers, batmanuel, being butters' otakin, ben/locke, big boss/ocelot, blackbeard's hole, blackjack and hookers, blasting pokemon music, blue beetle/booster gold, bubba ho-tep, captain ahab, cowbell solo!, cowboy aus, cp9, crappy old video games, crying at kids' movies, crying over comics, cryptozoology, data/geordi, davy crockett, deadly claymation sealife, deeply unsexy pairings, desk-pounding action, detailed cockslap plz, disco lord ozai, douchepunch!!!, dragon must watch, effete british superheroes, erotically-charged homosocialism, evil angela lansbury, frequent and incoherent flailing, fuck yeah!, gay cowboys eating pudding, gendowned!, geriatric sokka/zuko, hamburger time, hannibal & friends, having inferior recessive genes, he lied to us through song!, heliogabolous, homo side characters, i'll bring the beards, i'm with busey, inappropriately epic music, iroh/mrs. potts, iron balls mcginty, it's not stupid... it's advanced!, iyaaaaan limbaugh-sempai~~~, jack/barbossa, janitor/elliot, jet's eyebrows, john dies at the end, john goodman haet ninja, jordan/dr. cox, joxer/xander, jumba/pleakley, kappei yamaguchi sexing me, katy/jamie tinhattery, kevin mcdonald's afro, larry/tuddrussel, let's bible!, like an angry woman, little nar, makeouts on stakeouts, making terrible fsts, mccoy's eyebrow raises, mello/mason verger, meryl/johnny, mr. burns/smithers, musicals about cannibalism, mustache sunday, mustaches are touching!, mysterious racer jack!, needing a bigger boat, neko hitler, not tim burton, now it's in space, old people and fire, orphan-tear martinis, overly elaborate and exotic deaths, ow! my foot!, ow! my other foot!, ozai's angels, pedo vans, pretending i'm a dinosaur, pumpkin-fucking as a metaphor, puppy's neckmeat, quoting jaws, recurrent stabbing in the gut, remembering the alamo, revolver ocelot, rhetorical conversations, robot/dr. smith, safe sex in sepia, salty old men, sanji's sharingan, sawyer's heart exploding (lol j/k), showtunes on repeat, sideshow bob, sir robin's minstrels, smee, snape/lockhart, sokka's beard/haru's mustache, songs about rainbows, springtime for dracula, springtime for sheriff, springtime for space, spwllinhg, surprise het, that crazy russian guy, the 5000 fingers of dr. t, the aquabats, the bowler/blue raja, the fucking poseidon adventure!, the moon problem, the noble jackalope, the word "bitchin'", the fresh prince of neo-tokyo, there's a curb there, this is the worst christmas ever, tilting at windmills, tiny cthulhu fairies, toast fucking, tonyloaf, tophはblind, touch it frodo, touga party!, touga/saionji, tragic potato-sue, unnervingly hot lesbian jet, usopp: greatest character ever, various fictional al gores, very fine hats, vicious piranha poodles, vincent price movies and shiny things, wait a minute... buttsex!, waterwangs, whoreswhoreswhores, wtfvolution, zaphod beeblebrox for president, zuko and bender fight crime, ¡¡¡soy justicia!!!